Ad Exec Inserts Foot In Mouth

For the reason many large ad agencies will drop off the face of the planet suddenly, leaving them homeless on Madison Avenue, looking upward, longingly, saying, "Huh? What just happened?", rather than successfully morph into agencies that have a clue and are open to the future, we need look no further than a recent AdWeek poll that asked, "What advertising trend would you like to see die in 2005?" Taking the homeless agency exec prize is this nugget of intelligence from Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Mary Baglivo who said, "The trend I would love to see die is the frantic production of non-traditional, non-TV marketing ideas. In the quest to be smart, effective and media-agnostic, many marketers have become manic." No witty comment needed on this one.

by Steve Hall    Jan-10-05   Click to Comment   

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Well its not only Mary's fault- all "traditional" agency's feel this way.

I personally was quite frustrated with this 30SEC tv spot mindset of theirs!- and was only calmed after a great discussion with their worldwide CEO Kevin Roberts:

WOuld love your comments on my blog if possible! :-)

Posted by: Sharad on December 2, 2005 10:59 AM