eBay Ad Bid Insanity Continues

Foreheads, skulls, arms, chests. Body parts auctioned off on eBay as human ad placements have become the most annoying trend we are forced to cover recently. This time, 22 year old Amber Rainey is auctioning off her very large, very pregnant stomach. "I got the idea from the guy who put his forehead up for bid and he got $37,000 doing it. I was like joking around. I'll put my face up. I said, wait a minute. I have a really big stomach, you know. Hey, and you can't help but to look at."

Hopefully, there's an upside to all this eBay oddity. Perhaps, this is just the messy start of what could be a billion dollar business for eBay when serious ad dollars and ad placement are auctioned on the site.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-05   Click to Comment   

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