Freakish Woolly Mammoth Truck-Like Thing Explains Proper SUV Driving

As a result of all those yahoos who think they can step into an SUV and become instantly impregnable, comes this website and campaign from states attorneys general and consumer protection agencies explaining otherwise. Along the lines of coffee is hot and too much food makes you fat, this site explains the steps which should be taken when getting behind the wheel on an SUV. We have to admit, the beast is very interesting looking and the spot hosted at Ad Age is quite amusing in that "we're trying really hard not to laugh, dry humor, fake serious, you're an idiot" sort of tone. On the site, the creature is really the only thing of interest. Once you get past watching him a few times growl like he hasn't visited the bathroom in a few days, there's just the usual common sense for idiots content such as, "SUV's are not cars. They are typically bigger and heavier."

by Steve Hall    Jan-31-05   Click to Comment   

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