Google Takes Advertisers to Grammar Class

To see how the English language has devolved into something that sounds like a cross between a retard and a rap artist, one only need read the forum rantings of Ashlee Simpson fans, hopelessly in support of her failing career. Thankfully, Google, who seems to be blessed with the ability to do everything right, has come to the rescue. Google's AdWords group uses a style guide and insists on proper use of the English language in its text-based ads. Of course, proper grammar has never been advertising's strong suit and, often times, grammatical license is taken. But Google doesn't want its search product, of which ads are an integral part, to be misunderstood by people looking for information. There's a line between well-formed grammatical license and plain stupidity. Google is drawing it.

by Steve Hall    Jan-13-05   Click to Comment   

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