Growth is Painful, Adrants to Re-Launch

As many have noted, Adrants has been sick. Ill from popularity.

Strangled by those maddeningly eager to see what will be the next greatest advertising move. As a result, we are causing a server to stress out and exploded under the load. Hosts don't like when that happens and they turn you off. Well, if you're reading this, we've successfully moved off the coughing, gagging, suffocating server to a new, Hulk-strength server capable of serving the advertising industry's salivating need for Adrants-style advertising news. Welcome back.

Aside from getting our head above water, we'll be debuting a new site design along with the addition of contributed feature articles from practitioners in the field. They'll share with you their expertise on various areas of marketing and advertising. The features will appear on a semi-regular basis.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-05   Click to Comment   

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