Highschool Kid Gets Off On Starburst Girlfriend

With geek-like highschool doofiness, a boy, hot for a girl, makes a sculpture of her out of Starburst candies then proceeds to molest the statue in front of the poor, freaked out girl. That's how we sell candy these days.

This weeks's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week is also chock full of long, tease and reveal style spots. First, Renault gives us "paper man," a cartoon character who's left his strip to illustrate the wide open spaces of the car maker's minivan. Then, Fat Tire beer forces us to sit through an agonizingly long commercial just to realize we're watching a beer commercial. Pedigree pours on the man's best friend "ah, gee" cuteness only to reveal it's just a dog food commercial. It almost makes one wish for more of those car dealer ads that just can't seem to mention their name enough in thirty seconds. Either way, this squishy, feel good tease and reveal thing just doesn't work in today's ADD society.

by Steve Hall    Jan-31-05   Click to Comment   

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