Honda UK Launches Unique FR-V Campaign

John from Random Culture points to a new UK campaign for the Honda's FR-V and how its agency, Wieden & Kennedy, zeroed in on one of the car's attributes and drove it home in three very engaging, very different spots. The spots highlight the vehicle's front seat three-across seating capacity by aligning that with common activities families do together. They are so dramatically different from standard car commercials, that, alone, makes them interesting and a brilliant break from the plethora of car ad boredom the industry can't divorce itself from.

Way back when, Boston-based Hill Holiday attempted a break with tradition and created a campaign for the launch of Infinity which incorporated nature visuals geared to emote the feeling the care showered upon its owner. It was a valiant attempt but, ultimately, did not work and was replaced with standard fare. Perhaps Honda will have more success as it recently did with "groovy" spot for the launch of its new diesel engine.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-05   Click to Comment   

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