Jenna Jameson Launches Wireless 'Moantones'

Wireless entertainment publisher Wicked Wireless announced Wednesday it has partnered with adult entertainment star Jenna Jameson to create an adult wireless entertainment offering. New York-based Wicked Wireless said the Modeltel Mobile Storefront, featuring R-rated wallpaper, "moantones" and other content, will first launch for Telefonica subscribers in Central and South America before being offered in the U.S. on a limited basis in late 2005. Jameson explains the offering, saying, "W'll provide [moantones] in the universal language of sexy sighs recognized around the world but with our own personal touch. The technology is way beyond most of us, but the bottom line is that you'll able to hear the other Jenna's Web Girls moan and me when your phone starts to ring.

We'll also provide audio content in Spanish plus photos and text features."

We're quite sure this service will be quickly and secretly downloaded to friend's phones becoming the biggest phone-related practical joke since calling a bar and asking the bartender to page "Mike Hunt."

by Steve Hall    Jan-21-05   Click to Comment   

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Jenna J is a hasbeen and couldn't give a Nokia 6680 a hard-on if she tried! Gimme a break...Wicked wireless couldn't team up with a bowl of branflakes and make a fart! There are real moantones available here and they are made by tasteful and honest young girls with MBA's not by some stretched out baloon clown porn hasbeen! Get with the program you freaks!

Posted by: Alanis Jackson on December 20, 2005 4:43 PM