Teaser Site Launches With Two Headed Dog Theme

A tipster keeps wetting our appetite by sending pictures and pointing to a site called The2HeadedDog so we thought we'd take a look. As the name connotes, it's all about a two headed dog. That theme carries through to several sections of the site. On the homepage, there are "Tricks Du Jour," a collection of really strange looking videos, all of which, incorporate a logo of a dog with two heads. Another section, called "Dog Pound," allows people to upload interpretive images of the two headed dog logo. A section called "Freestyle" appears to be a bunch of "on-the-street" amateur rap takes incorporating the phrase "two headed dog." Lastly, a section called "Arcade" contains, as the name suggests, three online games which are actually quite fun to play, especially the ones called "Ass Blaster" and Mailman Attack." A little addictive actually.

Of course, the theme here is "two" so it's likely some brand that is about to re-launch or introduce a new product is behind the stunt. The site is registered to Pier Borra in New York which, upon searching, doesn't point to much other than the CEO of healthcare company CORA Rehabilitation Clinics which seems unlikely to be the type of company which would engage in stealth marketing of this sort. As is always the case with these things, it's only a matter of time before that cat is out of the bag. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Comments point to this being something from MTV.

UPDATE 2: A reader named "James," claiming to be in the know, assures us this is for the re-launch of MTV2.

by Steve Hall    Jan-11-05   Click to Comment   

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haha, that's really interesting. I thought that it seemed fishy, so I looked up the registar of the new website, 'ColbertNation.com' and the name is 'Pier Borra.' It claims to be a fan site, but, as I suspected, it's actually by MTV. Hilarious stunt by Colbert. I wonder if that site will actually be developed.

Posted by: BSartist on October 19, 2005 5:51 AM

that is clearly the logo for MTV2

Posted by: Ralph on May 17, 2006 7:26 AM