Vonage and BroadVoice Engaged in Brand Confusion

Maybe it's just us but we wonder if broadband phone company BroadVoice couldn't have made it's ad campaign and website just a little bit closer to an exact replica of competitor Vonage's website. From typeface similarity to the use of International flags to the duplication of page layout, there's something strange going on here.

Who knows. Maybe the two companies own each other but hat's for the financial media, not us, to worry about. For us, it's just wrong for two different brands to look so similar. It's confusing for the consumer. Vonage? BroadVoice? Ah, who gives a shit. There just phone companies. Is that the reaction brand managers of Vonage and BroadVoice want their customers to have? Perhaps it's all just a clandestine brand preference experiment.

BroadVoice. Vonage.

by Steve Hall    Jan-25-05   Click to Comment   

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