Woman Sues Estee Lauder Because Ads Said She'd Stop Aging

Fourty-seven year old Debra Scheufler has filed suit against Estee Lauder and other cosmetic companies claiming their advertising makes false claims with respect to their "anti-aging" properties. Scheuffler, refreshingly, wants only for the alleged false advertising to stop and to be reimbursed an estimated $1,000 she spent on the products.

"The real question is, what does anti-aging mean? If a product has a sunscreen in it, it has anti-aging properties," she said. "And moisturizers can give the appearance of decreasing wrinkles. Or if you have dead skin that's exfoliated, the light reflects better and skin looks younger and better."

The answer is simple. Anti-aging means one stops getting older and no product has, to date, been able to accomplish that.

by Steve Hall    Jan-12-05   Click to Comment   

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