Alternative Marketing Brings Trust to the Forefront

Oh we can't help but gloat a bit when we get a little press so bear with us as we point you to an article in the Hartford Courant about the decline of the :30, the rise of guerrilla, buzz, viral and word of mouth advertising and how that has effected people's trust of marketers.

Referring to the Super Bowl, Hartford Courant reporter John Jurgensen writes, "...operating under the surface of that ad extravaganza will be the mechanics of an industry trying to reinvent itself in order to reach a fragmented and indifferent population of potential customers."

He's right and we're just at the tip of that sea change. As the vicious circle of people's increasing avoidance of advertising collides with advertiser's attempts to circumvent that avoidance, establishing trust will become and ever important consideration when planning a campaign.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-05   Click to Comment   

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