Blogger Founder to Launch Podcasting Service

Today, Blogger Founder Evan Williams will unveil his newest venture: Odeo.

Odeo is an all-in-one podcasting application which is said to make the creation, finding, organizing and listening to digital audio files as easy as Blogger made blogging. The application is said to be advertiser friendly following a model similar to radio. Williams predicts the adoption rate of podcasting will mirror that of blogging which grew from nothing in 1999 to 7.3 million today.

Acknowledging it's a lot easier to listen to something than to read something, the podcasting model is destined to experience rapid growth.

Already, there are close to 4,000 podcast available. Evan tells the story of how he came up with the idea for Odeo on his blog.

by Steve Hall    Feb-25-05   Click to Comment   

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