Burger King Germany to Launch 'Pimp My Burger' TV Show

As we snooped last week, Burger King is officially behind the PimpMyBurger promotion. Modeled after the MTV tuning show Pimp My Ride, Burger King Germany will launch Pimp My Burger, a show on which grilled meat, fresh salad and tomatoes will be discussed with the same enthusiasm tuners have for chrome rims, spoilers and paint. The show supports the launch of Burger King's Tender Crisp, a jacked up, supersized fried chicken sandwich. We're not sure for how long a "show" like this will keep interest but will give points for trying something a little different. The details will be released March 1 at PimpMyBurger.

by Steve Hall    Feb-28-05   Click to Comment   

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can you guys pimp my ride

Posted by: jesus on May 26, 2005 2:37 PM

We have "Pimp My Whopper" billboards in
Southern California that I find offensive.

In our market, both Burger King and Carl's Jr.
(Hardy's) have/are using the "sleeze factor"
to attract customers.

I prefer to frequent family friendly establishments, and am wondering if anyone is calling for a boycott of Burger King over the use of the term "pimp" in their advertising.

Posted by: Marge on December 29, 2005 7:42 AM