Career Builder Expands Super Bowl Monkey Business With Website

To accompany it's round of Super Bowl commercials which feature bunch of monkeys working for a company called Yeknom Inc., Career Builder has launched a purposefully poorly designed spoof site based on the Yeknom (yes, that's monkey spelled backwards) company and all the monkeys that work for it. The site includes a history section detailing the company's inventing of the first tool, a stick, an About section with employee photos, a section highlighting the less than stellar accomplishments of employees and, of course, an employment section which leads to phony job listings on Careerbuilder. There's even an 800 number offering even more monkey business.

The ads and the site nicely wrap together the theme of working for monkeys as in impetus to using Careerbuilder to find a new job. The site is humorous and, hands down, far better integrated into its campaign than the McDonald's Lincoln Fry site an its fake weblog.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 8-05   Click to Comment   

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