Cell Phone Habits, Lincoln Fries, Handjobs and Cadillac

Ameriquest, in a spot that really calls attention to how idiotic people look when they use an earpice/microphone device while talking on their cell phones, gives one cell phone user his due as he talks to his friend about being robbed in front of a convenience store clerk. Funny.

McDonald's creates and promotes a website whose sole purpose is to feature a French fry that is shaped with the profile of President Lincoln. There's a long form commercial and even an auction.

A very odd looking spot for Degree deodorant goes through this elaborate plot which even contains visuals of a wife giving a handjob to her husband the Mama's Boy In-Action Figure and his mother giving him what looks like a handjob while pushing him in a shopping cart. Very weird. Why that didn't get banned, we'll never know.

And here's the Cadillac spot we got a glimpse of earlier today.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-05   Click to Comment   

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