Cheerleader Slam Dunked In AMC Pre-Movie Promo

We saw this a day or two ago and then again on AdJab which made us realize we'd seen, a month ago, images of one the actors in it on SportsbyBrooks where she's been modeling for almosta year. All of which promoted us to share it here. So what the hell are we talking about? AMC, Nokia and Best Buy have teamed to created an amazing, pre-movie, turn-your-cell-phone-off promo invloving cheerleaders (and the above mentioned actor) and a distracting cell phone. Consequences are hilarious but even more hilarious is an offshoot of the promo called Cheerleader Toss in which a cheerleader is successfully tossed, by stunt men, through a basketball hoop. While successful, it looks like the poor girl ended up with quite a headache. All very amusing.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-05   Click to Comment   

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