Jerry Orbach's Wife Miffed Hubby's Ads Not Pulled After Death

Elaine Orbach, wife of the late Law and Order star Jerry Orbach, who died December 28, is upset the ads for Senior Lending Network featuring her husband are still running. SLN President David Peskin said, "Yes, it's true that one or two ran as many as 10 more days (after Orbach's death). But we asked the stations to pull them, and they told us they couldn't be pulled out of rotation."

Somehow we think every broadcast traffic manager in the country has heard of Jerry Orbach and would have had no problem slotting another advertiser or station promo. For SNL's sake, let's just hope it was human oversight and not one last morbid grasp at capitalizing on the star.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-05   Click to Comment   

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