Mandy Moore Launches Fashion Label

Mandy Moore says she's "a pretty modest girl so I’m not into anything too risque." That's one of the reasons behind the star's launch of her on fashion label, Mblem, a line of "functional, casual and sexy" T's Moore explains. "It all evolved from the fact that I’m totally the jeans and T-shirt girl. If I can get away with wearing jeans and a T-shirt somewhere, I’ll do it," Moore said in an Associated Press interview.

The other reason is her height. More says, "I’m a tall girl (5-foot-10), so I’m always searching for the perfect jeans and T-shirt," which would likely make most crop t's fall well above her belly button. Heaven forefend. The t shirts will be priced around $50 and be printed with the lyrics of her favorite rock songs.

by Steve Hall    Feb-10-05   Click to Comment   

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