Marketer Fails Again in 'The Apprentice'

Doofy Danny did it again. Apprentice candidate and CEO of Boston-based POPstick Danny Kastner, who had a less than stellar performance in the first episode, led this his team to dismal failure on this week's The Apprentice.

Supposedly a creative genius, Kastner received poor marks from Nestle on some promotional work done for Taster's Choice. Displaying zero leadership skills (again, producers love to edit people into idiocy), Kastner, apparently, couldn't make a decision if his life depended on it. Losing valuable time, he waited until the absolute last minute to choose a partner company capable of pulling off the promotional idea his team came up with. How Kastner has built a successful company remains a mystery.

Kastner was not entirely alone in the episode display of less than smart behavior. His entire team displayed some serious idiocy as well by banding together on a plan to suggest to Trump that Michael, a team member who received exemption last week, be fired. Granted, Michael came off as a sexist, Neanderthal loser-slacker but there was no way he could go down for this week's task. In a cluster fuck of the boardroom, the team turned on Kastner as he tried to blame Michael for the failure and Trump lambasted both Kastner and Michael, both from Massachusetts which might have some hidden reason why they nearly came to blows during the episode. And in the ultimate display of bubble headed logic, Kastner selected the un-fireable Michael as one of the two teammates he brought back into the boardroom to face Trump. We suppose in this day of crazy-ass stunt marketing, that's just par for the course.

And if that display of brilliance didn't make it a very good thing Kastner already runs his own company, his guitar playing, folksy send off in the cab pretty much eliminated the likelihood anyone else would be knocking at his door to offer him a job. Unless of course it's in the ad business. We love that kooky stuff, don't we?

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-05   Click to Comment   

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