McDonald's Gets Free Promotion From Miss McDonald

While fan sites for celebrities are expected, fan sites for brands usually fall into one of three categories. They are either poor stealth marketing efforts by brands trying to look cool, they are the actual new cool created by brand aficionados or they are the creation of wackos with too much time on their hands.

We're not sure what category this LiveJournal site falls into but Random Culture points to A Day In The Like of Miss McDonald which contains image after image of a teenage, Asian (?) looking girl dressed in a less McHottie version of the Ronald McDonald ensemble. There are pictures of her with Ronald McDonald statues at various McDonald's restaurants, pictures of her hanging out with her family and even pictures of her doing laundry.

The site appears to have been launched last November and it's background is made up of the McDonald's logo. Along with the expected "You're hot!" and "I'd bang you" comments, one ingenious sole posted, as there comment, the McDonald's "I'd Hit It" banner. Never a lack of horny humor on LiveJournal.

by Steve Hall    Feb-10-05   Click to Comment   

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