Online Discussion Group Plans For Growth

Founded in 1999, the Oldtimers Discussion Group has been home to the brilliant minds behind companies responsible for enabling and nurturing the growth of online marketing and advertising. Because the field of online marketing has become an integral component of most current marketing and advertising programs, the group seeks to expand its membership to include additional industry influencers and thought leaders actively driving the online and interactive elements of those programs. The group is looking for senior level agency executives and brand marketers who are actively involved in creating, managing and analyzing online, interactive and e-business programs that might include elements such as viral, word of mouth, advergaming, product placement, SMS, IM and affiliate marketing and willing to pro-actively contribute to the discussion.

If you feel you are qualified and have value to add to this group or you are acquainted with someone who is, please send an email to (that's "exchange," not "sex change") stating what you, or the person you are recommending, has achieved and can offer the Oldtimers Discussion Group. Be sure to include your resume. Membership is free but subject to application approval.

by Steve Hall    Feb-10-05   Click to Comment   

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