Pepsi Girl Spawns Fan Site

Another commercial model fan site has reared its freaky head. Just as the Old Navy Girl did a month or so ago, so has the Pepsi Girl who appeared in the Pepsi/iTunes "Pop the Music" spot aired during the Super Bowl. It's the same spot in which Gwen Stefani appeared wearing a skirt smaller than a bandana. Justin, creator of That Pepsi Girl, writes, "Oh Pepsi Girl. I wish i knew your name. Because i'm in love with you Pepsi Girl. Your eyes, that smile, they way you unscrew that bottle of Pepsi... you're so hot. I love you. Please marry me. I'll buy you all the Pepsi in the world. And maybe an iPod too. I'll try to score one for you by doing that free iPods thing." OK, now that's obsessive.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 8-05   Click to Comment   

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