SEGA Puts Boy in Bubble For Game Launch

To promote its new PlayStation2 and Xbox Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, SEGA has launched a quirky "boy in a bubble" online serial campaign called My Big Ball. The campaign, created by San Francisco-based Mekanism, offers a peak into the trials and tribulations of the life of a boy so obsessed with the game, he's decided to live in a large, inflatable ball.

The campaign includes a Web site, a series of story driven Web shorts, and banner ads. The website features a series of short films entitled “The True Adventures of Chad, the Boy Who Was So Into Super Monkey Ball Deluxe That He Decided To Live In A Ball.” Apparently, Chad's obsession has led him to live life in a seven-foot rubber ball. The first episode follows Chad beginning his day and confronting the mundane challenges of personal hygiene. It gets messy. In the second episode, Chad struggles to find his place in academia. New episodes will debut every week leading up to the March 15, 2005 launch.

by Steve Hall    Feb-18-05   Click to Comment   

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HI, well thats pretty cool, being as we make those transparent balls and have been putting people inside of balls since 1998 when we first invented the step inside transparent balls .
nice to see that someone else kind of had the same idea.
for years and even today people thought I was out of my mind to spend all the money it took to make the balls work.
all the dreaming and hard work to get the dream realized was all worth while in the long run .
Charles Jones

Posted by: Charles Jones on October 3, 2005 2:22 PM