UN Mine Action Service Launches Powerful PSA

The United Nations' Mine Action Service has launched a campaign which brings the dangers of landmines close to home in hopes awareness of the worldwide dilemma will increase. The campaign includes a website and shocking PSA that will likely never appear on TV but should. It opens with a scene of idyllic suburban tranquility. A young family cheers on their daughter who has just scored a goal in her soccer match when she suddenly, violently explodes. Chaos consumes the scene while the mother of the victim shrieks hysterically and her father cradles her lifeless body. A simple graphic reads: "If there were landmines here would you stand for landmines anywhere." It deserves to be seen by as many people as have seen the, in comparison, ridiculous, GoDaddy commercials.

The video was created by New York agency The Brooklyn Brothers.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-05   Click to Comment   

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