Walmart Poem Makes Good Ad

Adrants reader Sue Graham sent us this Wal-Mart love poem. Perhaps Walmart should consider hiring her as a copywriter.

Hurry, Hurry .....Dont delay, rush to Walmart buy today.

Have a baby? Need a crib? THEY have blue to match the bib.

Change the oil in the Car. Dont forget the roofing tar.

Take the battery for exchange, buy that handy outdoor range.

Give the gift that lasts forever! Diamond rings, aren't they clever? Milk, Bread and for a treat, sample turkey deli meat.

Get your pills and your meds, dont forget the full sized bed.

Shampoo, sheets, carrots, beets, cozy footies for those feets.

Cut your hair, buy a bear, visit at their summer fair. Dont forget that sappy movie, Isn't walmart just so groovy?

They have SOMETHING that you need, grab some handy garden seed. Fill the tank with walmart gas. Dont forget the frozen bass.

Check your eyes, buy a cake, do you need a garden rake? Charge it on your Walmart card, it's slighty used.. not badly mared.

Hurry ..Hurry...they have more..Visit at their online store..

Super Center Shoping Store?....Walmart's at the very core.

By Sue Graham....proud Walmart shopper!

by Steve Hall    Feb-24-05   Click to Comment   

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