ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy Does Well in Ratings

While a show would have to be an absolute horror to fail following Desperate Housewives, gen Y ER-like medical show Grey's Anatomy did quite well. It retained 67 percent of Housewives' numbers and delivered 16.2 million viewers. Not bad considering the show's slot it took temporarily, Boston Legal, averages 12.6 million.

Creatively, the show's not bad. The angst-ridden voice over might get tired though as well as the cleanly defined, neatly categorized characters. Starring 80's icon Patrick Dempsey, Sideways' Sandra Oh, hottie Katherine Heigl and intriguingly cute Ellen Pompeo, the show has some promise as long as it doesn't become too self absorbed with itself. Hopefully, as the show grows, the characters will as well. There's potential here but the premiere was no blockbuster.

by Steve Hall    Mar-28-05   Click to Comment   

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