Cars And 'Voicevertising' Debut New Campaigns

Writing in her MediaPost Out to Launch column, Amy Corr highlights several new campaign launches, many auto-related. There the six and a half minute VW Jetta commercial with Joe Pantoliano and Kevin Connolly; the Jeep tie in with the movie, Sahara; which is sponsoring ESPN's SportsCenter and the NFL Draft; and a Hispanic Honda campaign promoting the Ridgeline truck.

There's also a quirky "voicevertising" campaign in which Brooklyn resident Floyd Hayes auctioned off his voice on eBay and promised to shout a brand name every 15 minutes where ever he was. HALL's Fruit Breezers snapped up that bid and now Hayes can be heard all over New York barking out brand verbiage for HALL's.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Mar-24-05  
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