Marketer Sends Viral Pyramid Scheme Through Press Service

We know the Internet is rife with money making schemes but we didn't know they'd come in the form of a press release. The release, written by Jim Pryke and released through eMediaWire, is a thinly veiled pyramid marketing scheme. In the release, Pryke shares the tried and true methods of joining and building the pyramid structure though the use of referring URLs and press release distribution. While this program, very much like a chain letter, may build traffic, it's likely to be entirely untargeted, useless traffic used to simply to promote traffic to other useless, money-making scheme sites expanding faster than a McDonald's-powered pre-teen.

Rather than add more crap sites to the web with these lame, cheesy pyramid schemes, would it be asking too much for people to put a little energy into creating quality content that would draw useful traffic instead of traffic for traffic sake? We're not even linking to this piece of shit press release.

by Steve Hall    Mar-24-05   Click to Comment   

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