Quirky Movie Gets WTF Viral Treatment

OK, Like WTF?

Below is the meta data from the source code of CokeBadger, revealing it to be one of the latest, wacky viral promotions which, in turn, promotes another site which promotes a new movie, It's All Gone Pete Tong, already a fave on the festival circuit, to be released April 15.

meta name="description" content="The Coke Badger wants you to do coke. Nothing else. The Coke Badger will come after you if you don't. Coke, coke, coke. Coke addicts are the best society has to offer, so why not be one of the best? Oh, and, the Coke Badger is holding Frankie Wilde in hell."

You see. Frankie Wilde is the fictitious, central character of the upcoming movie, "It's All Gone Pete Tong." The phrase "it's all gone Pete Tong" is Cockney slang that plays off the name of real superstar DJ Pete Tong. It means "it's all gone wrong." The film is a mockumentary based on the life of fictitiously legendary DJ Frankie Wilde, a talented and envied European DJ and the central focus of hedonistic youth vacationing in Ibiza, Spain. As the movie progresses, Wilde, who eventually cokes out and goes deaf from too many throbbing throw downs, hires a lip-reading instructor, accepts a new way of life and rediscovers the dance rhythms that originally defined him. Wilde's redemption then returns him to the top of the DJ scene with a renewed connection to music and fame. And then he disappears, just in time for a sequel.

The campaign is deep and extensive, including an "unofficial" fan site, a site for "author" Eric Banning who wrote about Wilde's life, a site for his cheesy manager, Max Haggar and even a site his record label, handicapped artist focused Motor City Records (be sure to view the videos of "CEO" Jack Stoddart here and on the main page). Surely there are more sites tied into this elaborate promotion but we have other things to do today. We do give a big "brilliant" to this engaging effort. The usual suspects are behind this one.

by Steve Hall    Mar-30-05   Click to Comment   

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Hmm...not really a great advertising campaign. A great idea for an already established market but the film "It's All Gone Pete Tong" flunked across America. This film could have been massive and no doubt will find some kind of reward in the future. However, this film barely saw the light of day. I was lucky enough to get hold of a special 'preview' screening in New York, having been told to get there early, due to overbooking, yet the cinema was empty and two of the six or seven people walked out after thirty minutes. Real lame.

Posted by: blah on February 8, 2006 2:26 AM

Your nuts....this movie rocked and for anyone who has any slight interest in the Dj profession or club life
or the music will/should love this movie. The music they used in post production in my opinion was fantastic. The way they marketed it STELLAR. I mean come on, you say "Frankie Wilde" never existed, ok so lets say he didnt they put a lot of effort into making you think he does. I bought the soundtrack and listen to it at least once a day. I've been dj'ing since late 1999 and the Dj's that I've seen perform like Paul Kaye (or Frankie Wilde) have the most fun doing it and the crowd loves them for it. I know i have a blast when i rip it up.

2 thumbs up to the producers/actors/and director.

GREAT MOVIE,.... By the way its not a coke'd up badger, its a K'd up badger. I dont think that cocaine makes you see twisted up animals with a streamer wand in their hand. Ketamine just might tho.

"you are my god, my inspiration, my everything" Nice line

Posted by: Badgerbait on February 24, 2006 12:51 AM