Radio DJ Places Escort Ad For Co-host, Co-host Pissed

Leeds Real Radio DJ Guy Harris placed an eBay ad for his co-host, Lorna Bancroft selling her as an escort girl. Needless to say, Bancroft was pissed.

Bancroft said, "I got nice emails from listeners after my photo was put on the radio website. Guy got jealous and this was his way of having a go at me. It (the eBay ad) made me look like a prostitute and people believed I was for sale. I am really angry with him. It was bang out of order and it will take time for me to calm down."

Harris has apologized and hopes Bancroft can forgive him.

by Steve Hall    Mar-30-05   Click to Comment   

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its not nice she is a real radio star from jonathan chapman

Posted by: jonathan chapman on May 18, 2005 12:56 PM