Survey: Most Advertisers Engage in Branded Entertainment

Sixty-three percent of marketers surveyed by The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) say they their company has participated in branded entertainment projects in the past year. The survey results of marketers' attitudes toward branded entertainment were presented during the ANA's annual Television Advertising Forum, held today at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York.

An exclusive survey by the ANA of 118 senior marketers detailed their views on branded entertainment. A convergence of the advertising and entertainment industries, branded entertainment is more than just product placement, according to the ANA; it is the integration of a product within an appropriate context. Further analysis of the data concluded that forty-two percent of the marketers surveyed said that the top benefit of incorporating branded entertainment into their marketing mix is to make a stronger emotional connection with the consumer. This outranked the other benefits chosen by respondents by nearly double.

by Steve Hall    Mar-23-05   Click to Comment   

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