AD:TECH Monday Night Party Report

Following a long day attending session after session and hearing each exhibitor's well rehearsed story while walking though the Exhibit Hall, it was, at long last, time to set out and conquer Monday night's social activities. Kicking off the night's long list of parties was Tribal Fusion which, as always, hosted its traditional Grand Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall. lightened up the mood with, for lack of a better description, WhitePages Man who mugged appropriately for our cameras.

After receiving an invitation late last week for a party hosted by search engine marketing company Semphonic, we ventured up to Suite J on the 5th floor of the conference hotel and were met by the gracious David Libby and CMO John Williams who made our group feel very welcome.

Continuing upward via the elevator banks to the 39th floor, we entered the appropriately named "The View" restaurant and lounge, which was host to the AD:TECH speakers party. We were met at the door by a very relaxed Cindi Gallucci, dmg World Media uber organizer of all AD:TECH conferences. After trading stories about how conferences can stand in for much needed vacations, we ran into Clickz's Rebecca Lieb and AD:TECH Chair Susan Bratton for a quick conversation by the large, arching window over looking the panoramic view of the city.

When finished sampling the sensational ors deuvres in The View, we headed down to the Club Room where Partner Weekly was sponsoring a Las Vegas style party complete with blackjack tables and roulette and even more ors deuvres. It was crowded but upbeat and the "Partner Weekly Girls" were working the crowd, handing out money clips to everyone who passed by.

Next stop was the 100 Club dinner held at the Grand Cafe on Geary. Sponsored by DoubleClick, RightMedia and Bill McCloskey, about 50 industry professionals from eMarketer's Geoff Ramsey to iMediaConnection's Masha Gellar to marketing consultant Jeff Einstein to Nextstage Analytics' Rob Graham shared war stories, had cocktails, ate dinner and delivered payback to DoubleClick's Rick Bruner for a stunt he pulled a year ago at another event.

As the the time drew near 9:30, many at the 100 Club opted out of continuing the night's journey but a small entourage made its way to the Bluelithium party held, again, at Ruby Skye. With it's usual trippy projected images, stilt dancers, platform dancers, grooving DJ, pulsing lights, dry ice and sweaty bodies, the Bluelithium lived up to its throb-fest reputation. Speaking of trippy, we ran into Michael Tchong and had a long, enjoyable conversation about the future of everything and how futuristic the, well, future will be. Head filled with motivational ideas but with body dragging, we couldn't bring ourselves to truck over to the Phoenix Hotel where party prone Tribal Fusion was hosting yet another event at Lounge Bambuddha. We're sure someone will tell us all about that one.

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-05   Click to Comment   
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