Comcast And TiVo to Provide More Ads to Skip

Comcast and TiVo are in cahoots on a new advertising system that will insert news ads over old, previously recorded ads when the recording in played back. It a seemingly futile effort to force people to watch commercials, TiVo, again, is grasping at the ever disappearing straw. Apparently oblivious to his customers desires, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said, "In the long term, advertising is going to be a big winner. They're going to get more bang for the buck."

One could argue the insertion of newer and, perhaps, more relevant ads is a good thing. The bigger issue, though, is one of control. Consumers have it and marketers don't like it. The VCR, for example, though far less usefulness in terms of usability, put the owner, rather that the manufacturer in the driver's seat with a simple inexpensive box. Now, with TiVo, there's still a box but there's also that endless monthly fee just for the privilege of being forced to watch ads (TiVo has a new experimental system that places banner-like ads over ads while they are being fast forwarded through. It's all very insane. Kinda makes the VCR look pretty good.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 6-05   Click to Comment   

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