Gawker Media Launches One Stop Tabloid: Sploid

Gawker Media magnate Nick Denton has launch another weblog. The site, Sploid, mirrors the look of a tabloid publication complete with over sized headlines and Page Six-like editorial. While much of the content consists of the first few sentences of original content cut and pasted to Sploid, the headlines are originally written as are some of the posts.

Unlike most weblogs that roll posts down the page based on receny, Sploid will keep what are deemed to be top stories at the top of the page with other, less important stories further down the page. And they will keep stories coming fast. Sploid is written by Choire Sica, former Gawker editor, Ken Layne and Henry Seltzer. With headlines like "Sex Creep Poses As Vice Cop!" and "Vatican Plagued By Filthy Toilets & Unbearable Garbage", it's likely to be an amusing smash. Already, the site is getting over 10,000 page views per hour. Not a bad start.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 6-05   Click to Comment   

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