Statutory Rape Not So Good For Gap

Now that the fact 17 year old Joss Stone has moved in with her 25 year old music producer millionaire boyfriend, Beau Dozier, has come to light, Gap may be having second thoughts about hiring the teen as their new spokesmodel especially since, in California, where the two live, it's considered statutory rape for someone of Dozier's age to have sex with Stone. Statutory rape isn't exactly a word a brand such as the Gap would willingly associate with. Delicate as the situation may be, we guess it's all part of growing up for Stone who recently booted her mother, Wendy, as manager and is blissfully oblivious to what anyone thinks of the situation. Likely, SJP is smiling a very big smile right now.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-05   Click to Comment   

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