Volvo Crapped On For MSN Spaces Sponsorship

Just as we did a few days ago, as did BlogAds Founder Henry Copeland, Henry, again, is calling into question Volvo's sponsorship of MSN Spaces weblogs, Reacting to a Spaces blogger's post claiming BlogAds is just jealous that Volvo chose to advertise on MSN Spaces versus BlogAds, Henry counters with a point by point argument as to why sponsor-worthy weblogs can be found within the BlogAds network and not on MSN Spaces. In fact, responding to the Spaces logger's post in which the blogger cites some great Spaces blogs but writes, "I know I'm forgetting thousands if not millions more," Copeland challenges the Spaces blogger to list 20 Spaces blogs that have more than 100,000 page views per month.

Further questioning Volvo's decision to sponsor Spaces blogs, while indicating BlogAds can aid advertisers in selecting appropriate, targeted blogs as opposed to the mass blog buy Volvo made on Spaces, Copeland spent a quick five minutes coming up, via Google, with tens of thousands of Spaces blogs containing the words fuck (15,400), cunt (536), nigger (48), faggot (86), shit (20,900), tits (609), ass (17,400) and bitch (8,540. Obviously Volvo is thick skinned enough to realize people don't always write curse-free, Queen's English but when it's lined up that way, it does, at least, raise a few questions.

Finally, commenting on the ubiquitous Microsoft entry into every conceivable marketplace, Copeland writes, "I'm angry. I'm angry to see blogging -- which I revere for empowering excellence, autonomy and self-expression -- debased by Microsoft into another exercise in corporate mass-market drek marketing. I'm angry Microsoft has diverted money out of great blogger's pockets."

It should be noted that Volvo does sponsor the Autoblog blog and its podcast.

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-05   Click to Comment   
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