Catholic Church Recruits Priests With Beer Mats


While the standard reaction might be to call this latest move by the Catholic church blasphemous, others might say, hey, what better place to promote priesthood than on beer mats in bars? Or on posters in the London Underground? The bishop's National Office for Vocations in England and Wales has, for the first time, publicized priesthood outside the walls of churches. Not a bad idea, actually. After all, there's probably plenty of people who might consider priesthood as a career who have never set foot in a church.

Vocation Director Father Paul Embry has no problem with the effort saying, "Pope John Paul didn't spend all his time in the Vatican. He went out, and took his message to where people were. We can do something similar to encourage young men to think about the priesthood."

by Steve Hall    May-29-05   Click to Comment   
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Religion has existed for thousands of years. Due to our constant human emotions and the millions of ideas that constantly pour into head every second.... concepts, denial, fear, pain, despair, welcome ness, the light, the joy, community, family, togetherness, acceptance, all solutions of afterlife and beyond, positive projection, charismatic leaders and speakers and promoters (religious advertisers and marketers), spreading the “word” ( which is another way of saying “you must understand our pain if you disagree with our “word” you will suffer greatly…except the advertisers tell you about it.

Never in any way shape or form was it meant to describe any particular religion on the planet with the statement above. If you do….. your brain has been taken over by your emotions. It will be the individual who will attach those millions of human emotions to their situation and claim it is completely directed at them.

Religion must always be the ALPHA dog! Every religion on the planet will demand submission in its own form of advertising. Varying from that advertisement such as “Support the Troops” which if you disagree in any way shape or form….you risk being drawn and quartered to suffer the worst of human pain. Beautiful glorious, white clouded, pain free, Zen, with the human being told by another human that everything is perfectly wonderful and a nurturing universe awaits the individual for all eternity. OR you will suffer the most horrific of all human pain and torture for all eternity with NO recourse of any kind. Now that’s ALPHA dog advertising....which is what advertisers try to accomplish.

Through promotion that demands that you are the BETA dog...advertisers have amazing power.…..they will always make the masses the BETA dog. In other words….the charismatic ALPHA human will always direct you, and will always make you submit and follow on the leash. One of the most devote religious figures of ALL time….commanded submission and received it without any question sending millions of individuals to their forced afterlife which of course guaranteed comfort to you by accepting…similiar to discipline…then you will be petted or comforted.

Look throughout all of religious history, in every example, a “form” of uncomfortable, unknown pain will always await you if you resist the advertisement. Words that are used are propaganda, insurgent, cult, evil, etc. These fantastic advertising words project....”get in line”. (Now that is awesome “creative”).

What does this have to do with Adrant? Think about every effective ad campaign you have ever seen or heard. Example…”what’s in your wallet” without this particular credit card in your pocket…you are “evil” for having something else…that’s a form of pain and uncomfortable ness. “Just do it” avoiding doing it…you are a loser. “Coke and a smile”…frowning while drinking this product is “evil”. Add your own example here.

When an advertisement goes extremely wrong…boy does it show. ”I’m lovin’ it”…. great…some else is loving it… I guess they will stay in business because some other human other than me, is giving them money and I never have to submit. Try this and you’ll understand. “Men are lovin’ it”. If any man on the planet disagrees with a BIG MAC you are now a woman! See?

Every effective “ ad sale” is made in the uncomfortable.

Posted by: kab on May 30, 2005 2:00 PM

Blasphemous is a fantastic tagline

Posted by: kab on May 30, 2005 2:02 PM