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Scooter maker Vespa, working with CooperKatz, is launching two customer-written weblogs focused on encouraging more Americans to take up scootering. Vespa is accepting applications for bloggers and will "hire" two bloggers each for the two blogs they are launching. One blog will focus on urban mobile lifestyle and the other will focus on the journey of life - getting from point A to point B - existentially rather than physically.

Importantly, the Vespa blog FAQ is clear in it's belief that selected bloggers will not, even in the face of this commercial blogging approach, be influenced or told what to write. The FAQ states:

What will the bloggers receive in return for their service?

In return for their services, Vespa bloggers will get an early look at Vespa products and services, passes to Vespa events as well as Vespa accessory merchandise and online/media exposure. Vespa is not paying for any of the bloggers to blog, nor is it trying to influence them on content. These are simply perks for blogging for Vespa.

What kind of control will Vespa have over what the bloggers write?

Vespa will not exercise control over what each blogger posts. However, it will provide each blogger with a code of ethics that he/she must agree to sign and abide to, as well as regular guidance. In addition, each blogger will be required to post with a regular frequency and blog at least once a week about their life as a "scooterer."

Who owns the content that's posted on the blog?

The authors and Vespa will both own the content and it will be published under a Creative Commons license for others to cite/source.

Of course, Vespa can always "fire" a blogger if they feel the content they produce does not align with the ever important brand essence.

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