New Marketplace For Buying and Selling Advertising Space Opens

The team at Ad-Bay are pleased to announce the launch of its advertising space marketplace.

"After months of website development and exhaustive testing, Ad-Bay will allow buyers and sellers of advertising space to come together to be matched." says Ad-Bay CEO, Graeme Klass. "The website is set up as an online auction site where buyers bid (or buy outright using the "Buy Out" feature) for advertising space being offered by sellers."

Ad-Bay will now allow buyers to quickly browse through new and innovative space in out-of-home, newspaper, magazine, internet, TV and other mediums. Buyers can either bid for or immediately purchase advertising space from sellers in a secure and safe environment.

Sellers can now offer their space on Ad-Bay and immediately get access to the US and International market. Sellers can upload their ad space specifications such as target demographics, location, media specifications etc. Sellers also put in their start and reserve price, a "Buy Out" price and auction duration. An end of auction fee is only payable if a successful match is made between a buyer and seller. Fees range from 5% (for spaces that sell for 100 USD or less) to 1% (for spaces greater than 10,000 USD).

Asked why Ad-Bay decided to make this online exchange as an auction marketplace, Mr. Klass said "Having an auction process takes away the guess work for setting rates. Economically speaking, an auction process sets the price for a particular item at the most efficient level. Buyers may be able to pick up a bargain at a certain point in time, but conversely during high demand periods such Christmas sellers may be able to get a better price for their space."

"Ad-Bay's vision is to create a vibrant and dynamic community of buyers and sellers of advertising space. We aim to serve America's media buyers and brokers, PR profesionals, media sellers and representatives by creating a fun, safe and efficient way of buying and selling advertising space."

"Ad-Bay is an independent media company. That means we don't receive any special extra kickbacks to promote a piece of media over another."

Visit and register now to receive a $10 sign-up bonus.

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