Wait! Milk Doesn't Help You Lose Weight

The International Dairy Foods Association is running ads, based on recent Dairy Council-funded research, claiming milk can help people lose weight. Just as we were ready suck down our Venti-monstrous double cream, caramel and mocha laced latte topped with a dollop or all natural, cream-drenched vanilla ice cream, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ruined our dairy orgasm by petitioning the FTC and FDA stating the Dairy Council weight loss claims are false and misleading.

The International Dairy Foods Association is standing by its claims. IDFA Spokeswoman Susan Ruland told the New York Times, "We are extremely conservative and careful in the claims we suggest. We spent years looking at what was going on in the science and what was fair to say."

General Mills Spokeswoman Beth Thorsgard, who supports a Yoplait campaign which claims eating three servings a day will get you into your "itsy bitsy, teeny weeney, yellow polka- dot bikini," said the physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are a "radical, fringe organization that promotes vegetarianism."

Check out the New York Times article for the full scoop.

by Steve Hall    Jun-21-05   Click to Comment   
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These scientifically questionable ads aren't just a private sector dairy industry product. The federal government sponsors these messages through USDA's commodity boards, known as "checkoff" boards. USDA enforces the collection of something like $180 million annually in mandatory assessments on fluid milk and dairy producers. The dairy weight loss message does not appear in the government's own dietary guidelines, so it is quite a mixed message.

Posted by: U.S. Food Policy on June 22, 2005 12:19 PM

ahhh... more excellent work from the venerable New York Times - perhaps they should try a little basic fact-finding on the group in question:

Posted by: whatever on June 22, 2005 2:13 PM

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