Madison May Cave to Madison Avenue

Madison, Wisconsin, a city that has long shunned outdoor and in-school advertising may, in the face of spending caps and citizen's unwillingness to pay more taxes, give in to the easy money made possible through advertising. School officials, while loathe to do so, are revisiting the possibility of gleaning revenue through school-based advertising. Madison residents have always snubbed their noses at advertising with Alderman Mike Veneer calling bus shelter advertising "gross" and ruinous the the city's ambiance.

Displaying complete insensitivity to the cities mindset or freedom to decide whether or not advertising is an integral part of the community, Adams Outdoor Advertising General Manager Chris Eigenberger says it's "humorous" that Madison residents hold their city to higher standards than other cities that allow more advertising and said, "That to me is just arrogance and not thinking properly." Hey, Chris, there's this thing called democracy. Heard of it? It has to do with people having a bit of choice in how they live their lives and how the communities in which they live operate.

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Policy   

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Madison, WI is one of the best places in America to live, as voted by me and several more legitimate surveys. I hope the residents and elected officials have the foresight to stay that way. Rejecting advances from the likes of Mr. Eigenberger, may seem backward to some, but it's a solid antidote to unchecked progress.

Posted by: David Burn on July 18, 2005 12:29 PM

I live in Wisconsin, about an hour from Madison. It's amazing how different (in a good way) Madison is from most of the rest of the state.

Posted by: Matt on July 18, 2005 1:29 PM

Yep, we are proud. Those of us who live in Madison love it here. It's a big time community town, and we work to keep it that way. Arrogant? No. Just smart.

Posted by: amyybeth on July 20, 2005 9:25 PM