Trade Show Tips Make For Better ad:tech Experience

Close to Mid-Chest
On the gaspedal weblog, there's a few tips for ad:tech conference attendees to take to heart to improve the conference going experience. While the obvious tips like show your badge to how to meet people to travel tips are there, some less obvious but more helpful tips are listed as well. While we might not agree with this one because it takes the fun out of crowded exhibit hall floors, gaspedal suggests booth babes are for idiots calling the practice one which would appeal to 14 year old morons living in the un-PC 70's. Other gems include the "boob alert" which states a mid-chest placed conference name tag on a woman isn't an invitation for a full body visual exam and the "rude alert" which claims answering a cell phone in the middle of a conversation is very bad form.
by Steve Hall    Jul-12-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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