Vespa Launches Customer-Written Weblog


Back in May, we reported PR firm CooperKatz would be launching two customer-written weblogs designed to encourage Americans to take up scootering. Steve Rubel of CooperKatz tell us the first of the two blogs, Vespaway, has launched today and will be written by two Vespa customers, Jonathon Ogilvy (hmm...) and Neil Barton. The two will not be paid following the theory if someone really likes something, they're happy to tell others without compensation. Ogilvy explained the mentality to Business Week's Heather Green saying, "Why else would I do this without getting paid, if it weren't something I completely believe in? I think the world would be a better place if everyone rode a Vespa."

The next Vespa blog will feature two women, one who is a new customer and one who's used a Vespa for a long time.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Weblogs   

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