Regular Bank Launches Regular Campaign


Here's a couple of ads from Austin's Frost Bank which have been running for a while and have put a spin on typical bank marketing language. The first is a spin of bank interest rates and carries the headline, "An Interest Rate on Customer Service Should be Long Term and Fixed." The second, which speaks to the now quaint notion of common courtesy carries the headline, "1868: Common Courtesy. 2005: Uncommon Courtesy." Both print ads, created by Austin's McGarrah/Jessee, are set to an old west motif with billowing clouds. TV spots Yea, it's just a little bank campaign but an uncommon bank campaign and sometimes it's nice to see what's going on outside the world of multi-million dollar TV campaigns, the latest CP + B creation and the ceaseless explosion of "viral" ads. See the other ad here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-05   Click to Comment   

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Hey look, everyone. It looks just like their Whataburger print. White type on a visual.

This Art Director turns out that trick more than his partner.

Pander to Texans lately Mc-J?

Posted by: tom lout on August 29, 2005 4:40 PM