Ad Age Reporter to Get Stuck In Airports

Likening airport terminals to marketing microcosms, Ad Age has paid Greg Lindsay to spend three weeks traveling the globe to report on the inner workings of airport terminals. Called "Airworld," the project aims to examine airport's "vast media and retail ecosystem" and dig into the "largest coherent stand-alone marketing venues on earth." It's not exactly a glamorous assignment but it just might lend a bit more insight into the inner commerce of airports than the Tom Hanks movie Terminal.

by Steve Hall    Sep-12-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research   

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On your airport travels, spend some time at Denver International Airport's Concourse A, where Frontier Airlines dominates. You'll probably see some nice ads hanging in the airport, but if you ask Denverites what they think of Frontier's advertising - especially the TV and radio spots - you'll discover that the airline has a huge fan base and is probably the most popular and talked about ad campaign in the city. In fact, just this week I saw a South Park commercial (it's going into syndication) that spoofed the Frontier TV spots. When South Park spoofs you, you've made it.


Posted by: Ted on September 13, 2005 2:10 AM