Site Aims to Save Rats


Called Great Pointed Archer, this is-this-a-joke-or-not site aims to come to the aid of the lowly rat claiming they are a species, like humans, who are just trying to get through life as pleasantly as possible. The site contains rat facts, an "Archer Dash" game, humorous PSAs, a store with rat goodies called GPA - which strikingly resembles the GAP and a petition calling for the replacement of the term "rat" with "Great Pointed Archer."

Responding to an email inquiry, the effort was explained thusly, "Our basic goal is to help improve the image of the NYC rat. Every animal out there has a group that stands behind it. But for some reason nobody wants to take up the rat cause." Ok then. Moving along...

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange   

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Link doesn't work for the rat site..I want to see this..haha.

Posted by: Ashley on September 28, 2005 11:19 AM

"...improve the image of the NYC rat," eh?

I think it would be easier if they just cart those rodents to India where rats are in fact, considered sacred in certain parts...voila! instant rat celebrities...

Posted by: sugar on September 28, 2005 8:50 PM

Went to the Great Pointed Archer rally today in Manhattan: it's a stealth marketing effort by a PR firm who, I guess, wishes they were an advertising firm. I didn't get their name.

No kraft table. But I swiped a donut. Lots of juniors there.

Posted by: Adrantc on November 16, 2005 6:50 PM