'Got Milk' Campaign Spoofs Steroid Scandal


Major League Baseball isn't taking too kindly to a new 'Got Milk' commercial which riffs on the leagues recent steroid scandal. The spot shows a player getting pulled from the game "after testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance" only to have a carton of milk found in his locker. MLB Executive VP is not amused, "There is nothing humorous about steroid abuse. I would think that the California Milk Processor Board and their advertising agency would know better regarding an issue that threatens America's youth."

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Co-Founder Jeff Goodby whose agency created the campaign says Brosnan needs to get a sense of humor, "It's just milk. Believe me, we know parody is based on a serious topic. So we wanted to make sure that it was goofy enough so that people didn't get upset." Touche. See the ads here.

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns   

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The steroid rants were an attempt by the administration to steer away from the war in Iraq. Taxpayer dollars and other resources were wasted to begin with on the steroid issue. This feedback from the MLB is, if nothing else, just plain annoying and meaningless.

Posted by: Dhaval on October 24, 2005 5:29 PM

At least they're running some new ads! I was getting sick of seeing the one with the kid feeding peanut butter to his dog after -- what? --10 years or so?

Posted by: Fritz on October 26, 2005 2:05 PM