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As ad:tech New York, held at the Hilton New York November 7-9, approaches, the party invitations have begun to roll in. We thought we'd summarize the festivities here for you. First, there's the usual "official" cocktail parties Monday following the first day of the online marketing conference. After the first full day of activity in the Exhibit Hall, Tribal Fusion will host its Grand Opening Reception from 6P - 7P in and around the Exhibit Hall. Wine, beer and finger food will be served. Also beginning at 6P but extending until 8P will be the Partner Weekly "Red Carpet Rendezvous," an invite-only cocktail party held in the Hilton's Bridges Bar. No doubt, other companies will be hosting various events in and around the area.

For late night fun Monday, Bluelithium will host its Day One Wrap Up Party at New York's Glo beginning at 9P and extending until the wee hours of Tuesday. Coinciding with Bluelithium's party will be the Real Results Party, held at Crobar, beginning at 9P and hosted by a slew of online ad companies. Both parties will have open bar from 9P to Midnight.

On Tuesday night from 6P to 7:30P, WhenU will host the Official ad:tech Wrap Up Party, an invite only event, at the top of Penn Plaza. Also at 6P and running until 9P, Industry Brains will host its Industry Brainpower Awards & Soire. At 8:30P, GRS will host its Poker Tournament Party somewhere in the Hilton. No doubt, Tribal Fusion or another company will hold a late night throb-fest to cap off the conference. Stay tuned for more details and don't forget to go the the conference's sessions. That's the whole point, after all, isn't it? Oh wait, yea. Who am I kidding. The parties are way more fun.

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