'American Copywriter' Podcast On Radio Talent Zoo


If you haven't yet heard the American Copywriter podcast team John January and Tug Mctighe stir things up, you can now find their weekly podcast on Radio Talent Zoo. Radio Talent Zoo is a network of podcasts concentrating on the communications industry and includes on hosted by Sally Hogshead.

On their podcast, John and Tug talk about advertising, marketing and popular culture along with a nice-sized portion of personal ramblings, tangential stories and occasionally successful attempts at actual comedy.

Linstening to American Copywriter 25, the first posted to Talent Zoo, we have to wonder if part of American Copywriter's contract with Talent Zoo had a stipulation that John and Tug *must* swear during their podcast because the most recent podcats is laced with all the favorites. Not that they didn't swear before nor do we have a problem with swearing but the ratio of swear to non-swear has leaped dramatically upward.

by Steve Hall    Nov-11-05   Click to Comment   
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Thanks for the mention on this-
These guys are great.

Posted by: zeek on November 14, 2005 11:21 AM